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Best Iranian restaurants in London


Alounak restaurant is not only one of the few places serving genuine Persian - Iranian food in London, but it is also distinguished by the superb quality of its dishes, and the cheapness of its prices; and, for those of you who like a drink with your meal, it is not licensed, so you can bring your own and not be charged for it. A

Alounak restaurant, Iranian - Persian cousine, offers a series of dishes that more than satisfy the most demanding of taste buds, with food that is bursting with flavour.

For the hungry, Alounak restaurant offers an amazing combination starter: Mirza Ghassemi, char grilled aubergine, fried onion, garlic and tomato, Homos (yet another spelling of hummus!), Salad Olivieh, diced chicken breast, potatoes, boiled egg, pickled cucumber, garden peas, mayonnaise and olive oil, and lastly Halim Bademjan, mashed char grilled aubergine, fried onions, herbs, garlic, butter beans and walnuts and kashk.

Alounak restaurant scores highly for its bright, cheerful, family-friendly air and for the consistency of the kitchen. Booking is recommended.



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